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Welding works

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We offer to perform various welding works as per the client’s sketches, using client’s materials as well as using our own materials. We can perform the following types of welding works:

  • Welding together of structures made of steel and profile casting of various configuration and complexity, limiting the total weight of welded structure to no more than 5 tonnes. Welding works are performed by hand or by using semi-automatic machines. While welding the following associated works can be performed: material designing, metal cutting, thermal treatment of ready structures (burning).
  • Performance of welding works using welding machines using protective gas environments. This is used while working with metal structures made of cast, low-carbon and temperature resistant steels and provides for the strength of the welded joint.
  • Argon-arc welding using tungsten electrode, used while welding stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron and heat resistant alloys.
  • Manual arc welding with melting electrode of all types of steel and alloys.

In case of need of accurate performance of welding works in fixed spatial position of welded parts we can prepare special fixtures.